A visit to Cambodia during Low Season (often referred to as Rainy Season) should not be looked right through. In fact, the “Low Season” is not as bad as what most people tend to think. Before we direct attention to the positive aspects of visiting Cambodia during Low Season, let us look into the most concerning thing first, the weather. Cambodia has basically two seasons: dry and wet. The dry season is from October to April which is considered as the best time to visit Cambodia as it has an ideal temperature, sometimes it can be a bit hotter though. On the other hand, please do take note that since it is the “peak period”, hotel accommodations fill up really quickly and the rates are at their highest. Booking in advance is recommended during this period. Then from May to September is the wet season or “Off-peak Season”, less hot and the less expensive one – also means fewer tourists. Here is every reason to visit Cambodia during Low Season.

5 Reasons to Visit Cambodia During Low Season:

#1 The Weather is not bad at all !

To address this major concern, yes it rains almost daily but it does not rain all day. In fact, the rain is so foreseeable. During the green season in Cambodia, it usually rains in the afternoon around 3pm or 4pm and it will only rain for an hour or two. Therefore, exploring around is really doable without compromising your travel plans. In addition, since it is always summer in Cambodia, locals as well as expats somehow enjoy the rainy season as it cools down the temperature and gives off fresher air which makes it very desirable. Why not join the locals as they dance in the rain? It is also a great way to experience the culture!

#2 Less crowded

One of the advantages of traveling to Cambodia in the off-peak period is you have more space and more opportunities to own your holiday experience. According to Tourism Ministry of Cambodia, Angkor Wat alone receives more than 1 million tourists each year. Imagine yourself in a sea of tourism crowds, having to queue and struggling to capture people-free photographs or perhaps, you would like to dine at one of the recommended restaurants by TripAdvisor, which you have already planned about, only to find out that the tables are fully booked. We understand, it is not everyone’s idea of a great holiday vacation. Traveling during the low season simply means you can avoid the massive crowds and fully imbibe yourself into the destination.

#3 Cheap… Cheaper… The Cheapest…

The law of demand and supply applies here. Since the demand is low, the supply (prices) also tends to decrease. Most businesses do their best to get every customer they can during this season (Business is really tough during this period!) but it also means you can get greatly reduced prices on everything and get better deals – Yes, the travelers are the winners here! Transportation is cheaper, it is easier to bargain in markets and the hotel rates are at their lowest. If you often travel on a budget, the green season is the best time for you to travel to Cambodia. You are guaranteed that you can stretch every single ‘dollar’ a lot further. So where can you get some great finds? Almost everywhere.

#4 More photos opportunities

Aside from you are able to fully own your travel experience and capture people-free photographs, one positive side of the “green season” is that it brings more explosion of life. For photography lovers, this season is a delight. It is a great time to visit and take some snaps of the floating villages, the lush Cambodian countryside, verdant rice fields, cloudy colorful sunsets/sunrises, vibrant lotus farms and buffalos enjoying their baths. It is also a great opportunity to take on a photography tour in order to capture the great scenery which you can only witness during the green season. Most visiting tourists also head to Phnom Kulen which is one of Siem Reap’s must-see sights and during this period the waterfall is at its best – thanks to the rainy season for giving it more life!

#5 Dive deeper into the Cambodian Culture

As they say, festivals are a great way to get to know more about the culture since they serve as an expressive way to celebrate beliefs, ceremonies, heritage and traditions of the destination. In Cambodia, some important festivals fall under the low season. There is Royal Ploughing Ceremony (May 14) which is celebrated to give blessings to the farming sector and to pray for a bountiful harvest season. There is also Visaka Bochea (May 3) which is referred to as “Buddha’s birthday” and Pchum Ben (September), a Cambodian religious festival in commemoration of the spirits of the dead and is one of the most culturally significant festivals in Cambodia.

Do not let the rain discourage you to visit Cambodia during ‘green season’. It may be ‘less traveled’ during that period; however, that does not necessarily mean that visiting at that time of the year, the Kingdom of Wonder will become ‘less amazing’. Come visit Cambodia during low season and get a taste of more authentic Cambodian experience.

In case you are still not convinced, don’t hesitate to ask us more information on this matter, we would happily assist you!