Location, location… we consider ourselves lucky at Mulberry Boutique Hotel to be located in the heart of the Siem Reap city, where everything is reachable just by a few minutes walk. And no, Siem Reap city is not just the home to the Angkorian Temples, there is plenty to see! Unique attractions as well as hidden corners.

Here’s below some pokes about it; what’s nearby the Hotel, our favorite places that you may miss without knowing them, and which attractions makes Siem Reap such a unique city to visit.

The Cambodian Markets :

Old Market – The lively heart of Siem Reap

The Old Market is basically seen as the core of the Siem Reap city. The large space is divided in sections: fresh vegetables and food delivered every morning from the countryside, artisans and local sculptures/paintings, clothes, houses furniture for Cambodians …. guaranteed overview of how Cambodians eat and live their daily life, guaranteed immersion in the khmer culture. Open daily from 7:00am until 6:00pm, 7 minutes by walk from the Mulberry.

Made In Cambodia Market – Support the local workers and artisans !

Hustled on the opposite side of the river, the Made In Cambodia market is a beautiful maze made of wood and greenery. It is basically a showcase to what is made in the country, what’s making Cambodia so unique. Local artisans, painters, sculptors, silk workers are showing off their work there. It has also an ethical aspect, as anything you would buy there is basically fairly payed back to the khmer worker. A wonderful system, created in the sole purpose of having a local economy dynamic. Open daily from 10:00am until 10:00pm, at 10 minutes by walk from Mulberry.

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The Pagodas – Immersion in the Buddhism

As any Cambodian city, each district have its own Pagoda. Some of them are smaller, some others are a magnificent dedication to Buddha and the khmer culture. The Pagoda of “Wat Preah Prom Rath” on the riverside is of the second kind. Each Pagoda have their own monks living there, committed to learn the prayers and monk language for their whole life. It also free access during the day and having a short walk there is recommended. There is certain rules to respect, but high chance to receive a blessing while visiting !

The Kandal Village

Kandal Village, a bursting shopping hub made out from old french colonial buildings. This famous street in Siem Reap is home to some of the most amazing artisans, spas, jewelry designers, etc… Their particularity is that all of them follow the same guidelines of environmental and social responsibility. Promoting the locally made as much as possible, this is the motto that each of the places are strongly following there, some of our favs listed below:

The Little Red Fox Bar & Café – Australian owned, Cambodian operated

“The Fox”, the combination of succulent locally made coffees and a vibrant 1960’s Cambodia atmosphere. Their coffee choices are as versatile as possible, their food menu offers all types of food, often australian dishes mixed with khmer touches.  We recommend their balcony to enjoy a brekkie, elevenses, lunch, afternoon snacks, whatever. It’s a place to discover at any time of the day, 5 minutes by walk from Mulberry.

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Saarti – Naturally, Ethically sourced products

Entering the shop feels like being enveloped in a whole new relaxing level. Saarti offers different kinds of body and home products, such as soy candles, essential oils, locally made furnishing, perfumes etc… They are strongly committed to use locally-made ingredients whenever is possible, and we love it.

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Trunkh. – (Ec)centric Lifestyle Brand

You will find in this boutique all kinds of fashionwear, artworks and home amenities, proudly made in Cambodia. A beautiful melting pot of fancy design, with a hit of traditional khmer countryside style. If you are looking for unique kind of souvenirs or gifts, this is the place to go!

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The Alleys – Hidden Corners

Pub Street is most known for its nightlife. However the daytime Pub Street is also worth the shot ! Particularly when you’re aware of its small lanes and alleys. Short paths, you never know what’s going to be around the corner.

Le Malraux – French Cuisine in a Lane

Le Malraux Restaurant is on the other street side of the Old Market, after going through a tiny Lane. It is beautifully inserted between the ground floors of each building, tables and chairs surrounded by local artworks and lushing greenery, making it very unique. Have you ever had a gastronomic french lunch/dinner on the street? That’s the occasion not to miss.

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The Shops

In between Pub Street and the Old Market, the alleys make it a very pleasant walk for anyone, thanks to the colorful boutiques and the versatile products showcase. Most of the shops are selling locally made clothes, typical khmer sculptures, home decoration etc. A lively shopping area, perfect showing of what Siem Reap represents; a lovely melt of locals and expats working together and showing off the beauty of the Khmer talent and culture.

The Nightlife – choose wisely !

When speaking about nightlife, 90% of people visiting Siem Reap will mention Pub Street. We’re not, there is more to see, and we would prefer to keep it in the hidden corners and unique attractions theme.

Phare Circus – A wonderful show elevating the Khmer culture and talents

The Phare Circus is not just a simple Circus, but a purely Cambodian non-profit art organisation, with its sole purpose to grow the local communities by providing education and professional artistic training. Shows are daily, each day of the week a different one. Their artists are very talented, passionated, and each show provide its doses of Traditional and Contemporary themes. Phare is often seen as an institution example and the emergence of an ethic and sustainable dance and art culture in Cambodia. Guaranteed mindblower, and reservations are available through the Front-Desk at Mulberry Boutique Hotel.

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One Eleven Gallery – More than an Art Gallery

One Eleven Gallery takes a pride to show off as much artworks from on-the-rise cambodian talents and paintings from recognized painters from all over the world. Showcases change often, enlightening the newest works of the artists, but the unique aspect of One Eleven Gallery is that when you entered the Gallery, you are not greeted by the art concierge but by the Bartender. Yes, this place allows to seat at the Bar , sipping onto a Gin Tonic while contemplating the frames. They also often organize exhibitions, live music events and more, making it one of the places participating in the rise of the contemporary cambodian art. 8-10 minutes from the Mulberry Boutique Hotel.

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Experimental Cocktail Lounge – Mixology in the jungle

Located westside of the Mulberry, this bar is an “eye-of-the-storm” in the shizzle of the famous Sok San Road. This cocktail Lounge embraces the concept of the exterior Lounge, surrounded by greenery and tropical plants of all kinds. Experimental is focusing on cocktails mixology, growing its own cocktail ingredients in the garden whenever it’s possible, and proposing unique liquors that you won’t find anywhere else. 7 minutes by walk from the Hotel.

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