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Angkor Temples Small tour (Red Line 18k)

Discover the most famous temples in the Angkor Complex! Angkor Thom, Angkor Wat, and Ta Prohm are all on the list, along with many others. On top of all the temples there are two optional experiences during this tour that you can choose to partake in. The first is a visit to the Apopo Visitor Centre to learn about Cambodia’s mine detection rats. The second is staying in the Angkor Complex until the evening to witness a spectacular sunset at Phnom Bakheng Temple.

Select your vehicle (includes gasoline and driver)

  • Tuk Tuk – 20 USD
  • A/C car 4 seats – 35 USD
  • A/C minivan 12 seats – 40 USD

Extra charge:

  • English speaking tour guide – 38 USD
  • Sunrise, extra charge (4:30am) – 5 USD
Optional Activities:

  • Apopo Visitor Center For Mine Detection Rats
    • Regular entry ticket 5 USD/person
    • VIP entry ticket 15 USD/person – Includes: English/French/Spanish guide, one drink, and one Apopo bracelet Sunset at Phnom Bakheng Temple


  • Bayon Temple
  • Baphuon Temple
  • Phimeanakas Temple
  • Terrace of the Elephants and Terrace of the Leper King
  • Ta Keo Temple
  • Ta Prohm (known as Tomb Raider Temple)
  • Angkor Wat Temple
  • Killing field

Mulberry Exploring

Angkor Temples Grand Tour (Green Line 21k + Banteay Srey 45k)

Venture off the beaten path to explore some of the lesser-known temples in the Angkor Complex. Wander through the ancient sites of Preah Khan, Neak Poan, Banteay Srey, and more! Luckily, these temples are further out which means some peace and quiet from other tourists.

Select your vehicle (includes gasoline and driver)

  • Tuk Tuk – 35 USD
  • A/C car 4 seats – 50 USD
  • A/C minivan 12 seats – 60 USD

Extra charge:

  • English speaking tour guide – 38 USD


  • Preah Khan
  • Neak Poan
  • Ta Som
  • Banteay Srey


  • Banteay Samre
  • Pre Rup

Mulberry Immersion

Rolous group and Flooded Forest “Kompong Phluk 35k“

Explore the three temples of the Rolous Group: Bakong, Lolei, and Preah Ko. Did you know that this area was once the capital of the ancient Khmer kingdom? After that head out on the water to reach the Kompong Phluk floating village. Observe how these villagers live their lives in balance with the Tonle Sap Lake.

Select your vehicle (includes gasoline and driver)

  • Tuk Tuk – 25 USD
  • A/C car 4 seats – 40 USD
  • A/C minivan 12 seats – 45 USD
Extra charge:

  • English speaking tour guide – 38 USD


  • Preah Ko
  • Bakong
  • Lolei
  • Kompong Phluk

Mulberry Immersion 2

Countryside Life in Ox/Buffalo cart

Experience Cambodia’s countryside while riding in old-fashioned ox and buffalo carts. Perfect to view gorgeous rice paddies, seasonal farming activities, and the everyday lives of farmers. Visit the ruins of Prei Monti Temple along the way and finish off your day with a lovely sunset.

Tuk Tuk Only : 18 USD (max 4 people)
Price includes: Transportation, includes English speaking driver, water bottles.

Tuk Tuk & Ox Cart:

  • Transport by Tuk Tuk and Ox/Buffalo Cart – 70 USD/ per cart (max 2 people)

Recommend:Bringing books or food would be most welcome as on the way to village you may find poor children standing by the road waving at you. Most of them don’t have enough to live on and never go to school due to the poor living conditions in the countryside.

Mulberry Experience

Local Food Tour (Siem Reap streets)


Discover Cambodian flavors during this local food tour! Will you enjoy tasting common foods like noodles, grilled chicken, spring rolls, Cambodian pancakes, and much more? Or, will you dare to chow down on snake meat, various insects, and baby duck eggs? The tour will last around 2-3 hours. Our English-speaking driver will walk you from shop to shop and explain what you’re eating! Join us with an empty stomach and an open mind!

Local Food Tour – 25 USD/person
Price includes: Tuk-tuk, English speaking driver, all of the food!

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