On 5th May 2018, Mulberry Boutique Hotel had the immense pleasure to organize the Wedding Ceremony of two lovely humans, Borany and Edwin.

As Borany is originally half American and half Khmer, she wished for a wedding celebration in her origins country. The couple invited their friends and all their family to come over in Siem Reap for one week of happiness, discovering, and celebration. They all spent their days at Mulberry Boutique Hotel, discovering what makes Cambodia and the Khmer culture so rich,

That is also the reason why she wished to have her Wedding Ceremony at the east gate of Angkor Thom, ground of her ancestors. An intimate wedding ceremony at its purest form, in a heavenly place. For us that was one of the most beautiful moments to witness.

Straight after, the Reception at Mulberry Boutique Hotel kicked off in the afternoon with Tequila shots and Fresh Coconuts for everyone! Way to go to start a memorable evening. The photos following were taken during the Reception:

All of our guests had a lushing Buffet dinner around the Pool, where they could enjoy the Apsara Dances show, a Fire Lightening performance and at the end, our Dj for the occasion launched the First Dance and the party until late night!

We would like to thank all of our partners for the occasion but particularly we would like to sincerely thank Borany and Ed for giving us the opportunity to organize their most memorable day. You two are beautiful souls made for each other!

Thanks a lot to our staff that did a fantastic job during this Event.

Thanks a lot to Justin Elements Photography for letting us use his shots of their week here. You can find the entire shooting at: Justin Elemets: Borany and Edwin Wedding